Med Spas in Ashburn

Ashburn, located on Chicago's south side, is one of the city's 77 community areas, encompassing nearly five square miles. The area is defined by its boundaries of 72nd Street to the north, Western Avenue to the east, 87th Street to the south, and Cicero Avenue to the west. Ashburn offers a sparse suburban feel, and it's notable for its substantial parks and green spaces. The neighborhood is predominantly residential, with most residents owning their homes, and is home to a diverse population of approximately 49,175 people​​​​.

Ashburn is well-suited for families, particularly those with school-age children, thanks to its high-quality educational institutions. In line with the neighborhood's focus on community and wellness, Ashburn features a selection of med spas that cater to the health and beauty needs of its residents, providing various services ranging from relaxation to advanced aesthetic treatments.