Frequently asked questions

Med Spa Stars spotlights the top med spas from cities across the US. Here some answers to common patient and provider questions.

How can I update my medspa information?

If you find an error or need to make an update, please use the contact form to get in touch with our team. We'll help you as quickly as possible.

How can I feature my medspa?

As of today, our med spa listings are based on aggregate patient ratings from various online review sites. However, we are actively working on creating featured listings.

Who runs Med Spa Stars?

We're a team of folks passionate about growing the local med spa industry and making sure clients find the best match to meet their needs.

What is the best med spa in Chicago?

Well, that depends. Where do you live? What treatments do you want? What type of experience are you looking for? In Chicago, there's a med spa for everyone!

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