Express Med Spa - LaGrange

Express Med Spa offers a lot of deals and discounts aside from internships. They also have a Pharmacy to help their patients with their needed creams and other supplements that will help them achieve their goals faster. Bookings are done through email or their website.

Express Med Spa - LaGrange
320 W. Burlington Ave, LaGrange , IL 60525
Express Med Spa - LaGrange

About This Location

Express Med Spa stands out with its myriad of deals, discounts, and unique offerings like internships and an in-house pharmacy, catering to every patient’s need for creams and supplements to expedite their aesthetic goals. The spa’s holistic approach ensures that every client receives optimal care and achieves their aesthetic aspirations faster. Appointments can easily be made through an email or their website.

Express Med Spa is a hub of aesthetic innovation and comprehensive care, providing diverse services and products to cater to individual aesthetic needs. The convenience of having an in-house pharmacy and a range of deals and discounts makes it a preferred choice for those seeking effective and efficient aesthetic solutions.

Express Med Spa - LaGrange



Please make sure to verify the hours with this location prior to planning treatment.
Express Med Spa - LaGrange

Weekends: as early as 7am and as late as 10pm

Express Med Spa - LaGrange

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